Dreaming awake

Equality Between Men and women is a task of society as a whole, is a path we must go all to Achieve a goal in MOST Stated That, Although constitutions, the declaration of human rights and our law of equality is far from Being a reality. The piece That I present is a metaphor for esta path, a manifestation of a desire, a dream of many people Who Think That an egalitarian society would be more fair and consistent.This is a music path in which some men and women wearingelegant clothes walk through streets of Vegueta on March 7, 2015, Representing a dream, they will dream awaked.

Public interventions are works developed to be performed in the streets, public art in action. Some of my work is future at

http://www.bbk-kulturwerk.de/con/kulturwerk/front_content.php?idart=869&artistId=436 and at



Talking to Pepa/ Hablando con Pepa

This work was developed as a response to the changes done in the Spanish laws in regard specially to the rights in the Constitution. During a year and everyday last wednesday in the month I put together a group of artists that read the articles of the Spanish Constitution. The articles were transformed in little poems, we had the supervision of a lawyer to make sure that the essence of the articles were not lost. We interacted with the public in the street allowing their opinions and in some days having a lawyer with us to answer the doubts.