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More on istallations

As this works are so complicated to explain for those of you who likes a bit more information about it go to the



This small installation was presented at Kunstquadrate in Essen, it was a reflection on preservation and eology. Artificial flowers were installed on foam, you could do a walk around them, in little tags next to them the flowers spoke about extintion. This piece was thought as a moving installation to be presented at different venues.

When all the querubins went to hell

Presented at Lokal Int, in Biel and the job of the Peace Corps at the time in Somalia. The piece was composed of pencil drawings in the walls and sound. It was designed to be hear at seen by paasers-by from outside the space.

Like a fish out of water
Talking to my mother

Another piece charge with irony presented at Centro de Arte La Regenta. Responding to an invitation to present my work as one of the Canary Islands artists living abroad I present this piece Like a Fish out of Water. In it I use the rituals of Carnaval to talk about the traditional, provincial and colonialistic situation of the islands and their need to renovate through the rite of the Carnaval which was considered my ancestors as the time where everything was told and expressed.


Talking to my mother was a project selected for the Yugoslavoan Biennial of Young Artist after one of its curated saw in Toronto the piece "Mit einem Wort" where I illustrated proverbs common to English, Spanish and Chinese. For this ocassion I did an installation of illustrated plates with proverbs common to serbs, croats and serbians. The piece had a perofrmance and public intervention too.

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