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Older public interventions

Proyecto Jaume Sabartes

This piece was realized in collaboration with the artist Thomas Proffe and the arquitect Alberto Velazquez. It took place during the Juegos Internacionales de Arte Efímero de Barcelona. I was living in this Plaza that seemed to me somehow odd, I try to discovered the history behind it. I found out the Museo Picasso expropiated the families to expand their garden but due to bad ubanistic policies the Plaza was somehow abandoned but nevertheless their innabitants were expropiated. We researched the families and the plans of the City Hall for the plaza, we presented our information during the games, allowing people to have their opinion and ideas of the process. The results where sent to the City Hall in Barcelona.


Talking to my mother

This piece was presented at the Yugoslavian Biennial of Young Artist. It was part of a bigger project:Talking to my mother that had an installation and performance component. For the ocassion I walked around the city (with translators) exchanging my drawings for proverbs of the region. The idea was to take the biennial out in the streets and to collect proverbs for my book of Proverbs of the world.

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