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More video work.

My video work has different expressions at it can be a piece by itself, a series, part of installations or video performance. Here are some examples.

Licking myself

This video performance shows me licking myself for five minutes, as a cat. It was presented in the X Havanna Biennial. It talks about how we women should priorize our own care...

...toll for you

In this case the piece was part of a performance presented at the Museum of Bellas Artes in Madrid. It is a piece that deals with the Spanish Civil War. It uses the poem from John Done, the same one used for Heminway for his book.

It talks about the interconection of human beings and our need to learn from our mistakes.

Ich habe noch einer koffer in Berlin

This video was part of a piece by the same name, presented at Neukoelln Museum in Berlin. It shows the views of a inmigrant neighbourhood. I have edited the footage to show only the inmigrants that live there. The sound is the reverse of the song that gives the tittle. It is a traditional Deutsch song that talks about how we always miss our homeland. This version is interpreted by Marlene Dietrich. I played backward so it sounds arabic.

The wall

Done as a performance piece with the artist Thomas Proffe as part of a major installation. It is a work that talks about borders, walls and the sentiments of exclussion. It shows how we constructed a wall in the entrance of the space were we has our show. We did not allowed the entrance of the public until two our later.


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