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Fifty shades of grey


This installation explores contemporary female sexuality from a deconstructive point of view, culture, media, anatomy and other areas are explored and treated with a big sense of humour. The result is an exhibition where sexuality is a woman issue.

Genesis according to Sta. Rosa

This video piece is a video/collage  from the film Barbarella. In my video Barbarella is transformed in Eve and begins a voyage to find a man that can satisfy her sexually. The piece is a sarcastic look to the Bible and its subrrogation of women to men desire, but it is also a new approach to sexuality from the extremely charge conception that comes from jude-christian religion in which pleasure is not the goal.

Vaginal termometre

If you introduce your finger in the piece you will feel an aproximate sensation to what you would feel if you introduce your finger in a wet vagina. It respons to the terrible stadistic that says that 70% of women fake orgasm.

Codex Royalle

This drawings are a personal exloration of my sexual fantasies and toys, in them there is only a little space dedicated to the penis and one of my objects of pleasure. I talk about the idea of pleasure in an extensive manner against the traditional fixation with the coitus or penetration, I search for a variety of approaches. the name of the piece comes from the Codex of Nancy Spero (an inspiration for my drawings) and Royalle for the first woman that decided to move from porn actress to porn director to create sexual fantasies that women could fell attract it to.


Vaginas are some kind of beautiful flower, misterious and passive, not very often is the vagina portraied as a active organ. In this piece i enfasize the active quality of the vagina through a portrait of its wetness. Inspired in the book by the same tittle in which a female wrtiter explores her own body fluids.

Genero género

Fifty shades of grey inspired because of its absurdity and chauvinistic portrait of the woman this performance. Using Judith Butler theorists about the performativity of gender the piece shows how integrated are our chauvinistic views in our minds.

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