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Ich habe noch einer Koffer in Berlin

Ich habe noch einer Koffer in Berlín I

This complex piece has many layers, it portraits through the eyes of german people and traditions their understanding about the migration process. I borrowed a sentence from Tuchowlsky that reads: "It is sad to be out of Germany, it is great to be out of Germany" and the song from the german folk"Ich habe noch einer koffer in Berlin" to create a space of interaction where this two interpreattions generated in one hand a video piece and also writtings in the wall. It was an open piece and you could leave also a story about the city.

Ich habe noch einer Koffer in Berlin II



This sound piece was created for this intsllation. I recorded Neukoelln in a week day, making sure I filmed only the inmigrants that live in the neighbourhood. The piece kept the signs and names of the strrets and subway stops but did not showed any of the tradionally white people in Germany. The music was the song Ich habe noch einer Koffer in Berlin, interpreted by Marlene Dietrich and use in reverse mode so it seems to be an arabic song.

In the downstarirs atrium of the museum I had the sound piece Berlin, a sequence of forty stories that I marrated, the stories were experiences of forty different people from different nationalities about their visit to the city of Berlin.

Ich habe noch einer Koffer in Berlin II



This sound piece was part of the installation, it was situated in the atrium of the Neukoelln Museum. I recorded forty stories about the city of Berlin from artists that once lived or visited the city. The audience could sit in the patio and listen to these great Berlin stories. A flavour of the city given by outsiders...

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