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"En tierra de nadie" 2021
multidisciplinary artist

rosa mesa

I was born in Canary Islands and immigrated to Toronto, Canada in 1995. In 1996 I started my studies at the OCAD graduating in 2002 with a Major in Drawing and Painting.
I am a multidisplinary artist, my practice extend to installations, performance, video and public interventions. My works are a response to my surroundings that become dissected and reconstructed in a new narrative that exposes whatever that triggers me.
I consider myself influence by Derrida, Cixous, Pierre Bourdieu, Gehrard Schulze , Wofgang Welsch, Michael Hutter , Judith Butler and Hanna Arendt to name some of my favourite philosophical lectures.
I often based my work in an observant and humoristic approach to reality exploring areas of semiotics and the art practice, identity, nomadism, migration, feminism and the hybrid and changing state of contemporary culture.

Today my practice covers video and sound explorations, drawing, performance and public interventions.
Since 2004 I work between Spain, Canada and Germany.

My work has been exhibited in Spain, Canada, Serbia, Corea, Japan, Switzerland, Germany , Brazil, France, Colombia, Venezuela and Cuba.
I do collaborations with artists as Thomas Proffe since 2005. We  get together every year to work in projects often in the realm of installations and public interventions. Through these encounters we  search to enrich our practice.
I have also worked since 2010 with the colombian artist Maria Linares as  part of the daily services art platform, a Berlin project based on the exploration of the artist in the public spaces and in conection to the diverse social issues that affect todays contemporary art culture.

In 2011 I founded a cultural company that organized cultural events and curate exhibitions.

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