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More videos

These are more pieces done all in the last five years


Alter means old in german, but it is one of this words that allows me to play once I move them from one language to the next. Alter sounds as disrupted, is in a way how I imagine the last years of my life. The sound is a track edited for me, radars from Second War World.

Crying earth

This is other of my pieces that talk about our inminent destruction of our planet. It is a sound piece really with little footing. The trees cry through the sound of sawing machines.


I have been often watched and I have felt watched. When I was filming this piece I knew she was noticing it, I did not know if that pleased her or not. She said nothing although, but there is a certain complicity between us as you watch the video.

Bye bye Berlin

This video piece was done with the artist colective, daily services. It takes place in an hypotheticl worl, in Berlin, the inmigrants fed up of the criticism, abuses and lack of respect the germans offer them had decided to leave the country.......

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