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my performance work has its origins in my years of school in OCAD, Toronto where although I was enrolled in a drawing and painting program I was very early interested in installation and performance. That was the reason why in 2004 in my first international exhibition I  included a big performatic element  and a public intervention. My work use the body as an element of expresion supported often by the ritual,the tradition or the parody.The themes that I work with are the multiculturality from the point of view of someone that is eternally an inmigrant, the hibridity of contemporary culture and feminism. My works take inspiration in artist as Mendieta, Abramovic, Adrian Piper, Coco Fusco, Paul MacCarthy and Joseph Bueys...From the point of view of a planet threathened by unlimited consumerism, performance seems the best and more responsible way of expression, looking for austerity in bad times.



The poetry of the law.


2012 was a hard year for Spanish people, they learned that their country was bankrupted, that their politicians were mainly corrupted and the worst of all that their Constitution, specially in all that had to do with their rights, was going to be violated sistematically. All this in a strategy to save the banks and stabilize the country.

The important of this changes is manifestaed in this piece in which I transformed the rights of the Constitution in small poems that I read in the street. It shows also the distance between the politics and the public. The poems transform this legal text in somehow a rythmical lecture easier to understand, the general result was a sarcastic view of the Constitution and its lack of actual value.

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Gone with the wind


Presented at the Teatro Victor Jara, Spain. This is a multidisciplinary piece, public intervention, installation and performance. It is a work that acts as a reminder of what usually occurs during big crisis. Taking as the frame of work the famous film : "Gone with the wind" it talks about the survival through hope and dreams  and the possibilities of overcoming hostility through collaborative work.

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