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Colour supremacy, 2017

The philosopher Franco Berardi ask himself about what means white in the context of race and how even that term exists. No one is actually white but this concept as we know is more disturbing than that. White is not a colour, in one sense we could say is the absence of colour and in a more socio cultural way we are talking about the construction of an identity that define white man as powerful and superior. In front of this white supremacy we can find people of colour, women and other minorities excluded from the classical history. We all know that this conception existed in the XIX century as a matter of fact but we also have seen how this construction has been fading for the last one hundred years. Unfortunately, and as astonishing as maybe sounds, this idea has come back to the mind of many people, promoted perhaps by the economical global instability as well as the ever going consequences of colonization and post-colonization.

In any case the white man is back and all those things that use to represent are back with him.


In this performance we explore the concept of supremacy and the concept of colored versus white. In a world where white people are a minority this new sense of supremacy could come as the last and pathetic response to an inexorable reality but also could mean a real shift in everything we know

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