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Here are some more of my latests pieces, more info at my blogs.

Click on the photos to see more images.

Secrets and puppets, 2010

This piece took place during Epipiderm in Lisbon. I am interested in the concept of secrecy and manipulation. I presented myself covered in lights in a dark room. I am connected to some headphones, the public can communicate with me though them from a small cabin where they can tell me a secret. I drew in the walls inspired by what they tell me. 

Licking myself, 2009
Glutony, 2009

This performance was presented in the Havanna Biennial, unfortunately it got censored and the place where it was suppossed to be done ( an abandon mental hospital) was changed. It was moved to the Spanish Embassy. I talk about absolut consumerism and absolutism...about going beyond our limits. In the piece I eat watermelons until I vomit, then I passed  the leftovers to the public.

Vanishing ink, 2008

Also presented in the Havana Biennial and later in other venues this video perofrmance talks about women need to self care in a world that demands too much from us.

This piece done in Zentrum 5 Bern is a homenage to inmigrants that see their dreams crashed.  I use a crossed  story to develop the piece. In one hand I heart on tv an african inmigrant explaining why he would not go back to his country until he was prosperous and could help his family. In other hand I have the story of my own grandfather that escape the Canary Island after the civil war in Spain. He never came back. During the piece I write a letter to my grandmother, using the words of this man as if the writer were actually my grandfather.

I write with milk so only after heating the papers the people can read the message.

This piece was done for also for other performer in Brasil a year later..




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