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More installations

Here are some more of mz intallations piesces. There is more information at

Visible walls I


This complex intallation was done with the artist Thomas Proffe iduring a residency in Bern at PROGR Kultur Zentrum. There were three rooms to the piece, in this one eight artists where invited to a dinner in honor of Mauro. The celebration was hold at one of the zentrum rooms. The walls were decorated with our art. This people could it dinner while they were watch via internet, if somebody asked from the internet they took a small camera and went around showing the internauts the art in the walls. Meanwhile every person that came to the opening was kept outside by a wall of bricks we contructed prior to their arrival. 



Visible walls II
Visible walls III

This was the wall constructed to stop the audience to enter this space. The wall was later destroy and the audience that stay or came back later could enter the room and check the leftover of the action and the dinner.

In a room next to the other one there was a cinema set up. The audience could see a dinner of people and hear their conversations. It was presented as a piece in itself but it was really the filming of what was happening in the room that was closed with the wall. A third room showed the research done during the project.

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