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In this area I present the work I have done in the realm of installation, this pieces are normally complex to explain, they look mainly for interaction with the viewer so they are better  experience alive than read about. I try here my best to describe them to you.

Cartografías erradas

This installation is part of the project "MAREAS NEGRAS" a multidisciplinary work to create awareness about the dangers and lack of vision of the perofrations in the search of oil. In particular the project is centered in Canary Islands were goverment officials are trying to allowed REPSOL to begin the search for oil.

Through installations, performance and writtings I dennounce the risk to the land the people and the economy of these sensible area of our planet.



Lo que el viento se llevó.


This is a small installation, it has an audio piece and a video projection in the wall. It was presented at Victor Jara´s Theatre. In the begginning of my process I did an interview with young people in the city, where I asked them to tell me their dreams, which I recorded and later create a Sound Track that was the background sound of the installation. In the wall a video loop play. Around the floor the leftovers of a performance done in the opening date. 

Bye bye Berlín


This video piece done in collaboration with daily services was shown in Alucine,  international latin Video and Film Festival in Toronto. The piece was film in the city of Toronto, it tells the story of how the inmigrants of Germany fed up with the way they are treated and used for political gains began an exodus and abandon the country. We film their farewell.

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