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Public interventionts

Some of the works presented in this page where done in collaboration with daily services.

Calando Hondo

This piece was part of the celebrations of International Women Day. A tribute to the Canary Islands women that work with textiles and supported the islands economy. It was presented at Museo De Colón, Spain. Calando Hondo (meanning leaving a deep trace or sewing ) invited the people in the streets to come to the Museum and collaborate in the creation of a big piece of cloth. The name of the piece realized during the intervation was "In the memory of Guayarmina" in honor of the latest victim of male violence in the islands.

daily deluxe

Another piece done in collaboration with daily services. The piece is a reminder of how our culture takes from the "third world countries" what is convinient to us and forgets about the people and the place that produce them. We put together a mobile spa that went to one of the most multicultural and poor areas of Berlin. The passers-by could enjoy, thai massage, turkish massage or hair does from west africa for free. This today trendy treatments have their origins in other cultures and disconnected from them survive as a luxury for a few.

The piece was presented during 48 Stunde Neukoelln Berlin, the people of this neighborhood had the chance to get some spa for free.


daily letters

This public intervation was awarded the first price in Madrid Procesos 11. Realized with daily services the piece was a 7 day public intervention in Madrid centrum. During this time we walk around the city offering the passers-by a chance to write  a letter to any person and place in the world that they desired. People realized that they did not know anymore any adresses, that they have not written a letter in many years or never...for a few days this traditional way of communication was rescued in the city of Madrid.

Give me your secret

This piece was done during the Epipiderm Festival in Lisbon. I wrote four of my secrets in a small paper that I left all over Lisbon. Also in this paper I put a blog adress where the public could leave their own secrets.  The idea was to generate a debate about what is suppossed to be secret or not and who is entittle to reveal secrets.

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