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Some of my earlier works. Check also


Encounters with an allien girl, 2008

This work presented in Bern, at Zentrum 5 is inspired in american stand up comedy. After many years being an inmigrant in Canada and at the moment in Switzerland I had the desire to talk ironically about the experience. I use material taken from Advices given from the swiss goverment to newcomers to elaborate this funny piece in which I ridiculized their racist and hypocritical approaches to the theme.

The wall, 2008

This piece done with Thomas Proffe was presented at PROGR in Bern. It was part of a complex presentation that involve differtent performances, installation and the presentation of our investigation of three months in the subject of Boders and Walls.

We closed the entrance to the gallery space minutes before it opened, not allowing people to enter until two hours later. It dealt with the concept of exclusion/inclusion, belonging or not belonging...

The investors corner,2008

I was doing at the time a residency in PROGR, a cultural center in Bern. I was invited to their Chritmas show and I decided to present this piece, in which I put on sell the hair from artists from the area. Talking about the fetiche associated to artist as a persona and about the consumerism in the world of art. 

The funeral of the Sardine, 2005

Another piece charge with irony. Responding to an invitation to present my work as one of the Canary Islands artists living abroad I present this piece, El entierro de la Sardina, as part of a larger intervention Like a Fish out of Water. In it I use the rituals of Carnaval to talk about the traditional, provincial and colonialistic situation of the islands and their need to renovate through the rite of the Carnaval which was considered my ancestors as the time where everything was told and expressed.

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