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My video pieces

Video is one of my favourite mediums of expression, in this page I present some of my pieces. They are usually short and often sound and texts are original writtings or poetries. Sometimes they are reditions of well known films.

I'm water

This video piece won a prize in the Waja Foundation of Colombia. It talks about our interconection with our enviroiment. It is an echological piece done in a visit to Fuerteventura, the land of my ancestors in the Canary Islands. It was a former isolated place with few inhabitants, today a booming touristic destination. My family lives not longer there.

Not fast enough

Not fast enough is a autobiographical piece, it talks about my sensation that lives sometimes moves to slow for me. But it is also a piece about misinterpretations and confussions.

Gone with the wind

This is a particular piece in the sense that it is not really a narrative to it, the voices are young people telling desires, the piece was the background to the more extense installation.


Some of my video work talks about events that relate to my personal experience, in this case Trapped talks about feelings of darkness and the impossibility to escape.

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